Planet Action Adventure

Planet Action Adventures was founded back in 1995 by German national Jochen Hanika and his Filipina wife Jinky. Being the real deal, they have both been competing in, and winning, mountain bike events in the early 90s. Jochen and his counterpart Mario, nicknamed “Super Mario”, explored Cebu’s hinterland, trekking, wading, abseiling, canyoneering, leaping off waterfalls and mapping out jungle treks, all of the stuff your mother told you not to do.

Guided Canyoning Tours

Canyoning (known in the U.S. as canyoneering) is a popular sport that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon by walking, swimming, climbing, and abseiling. Planet Action Adventure offers adrenaline-pumping action in Cebu’s hidden canyons. Some of our whole-day tours include rappelling down 30-meter waterfalls and free jumping into deep, freshwater pools. Beginners can master it safely with the help of our experienced guides and intro lessons.

Kawasan Falls
A fun adventure for everybody, which does not involve abseiling and the use of climbing gears. Jump into freshwater pools up to 10m high, swim down rapids, and enjoy the incredible nature around.
Montaneza Falls
This river threads its way through a narrow ravine. We abseil a set of five different waterfalls, climbing and jumping down the rapids. One of the highlights is descending a 30-meter-high waterfall with an overhang.
Tison Falls
A challenging day tour into a remote valley, all the way through a canyon. Spectacular views! Descend 30-meters-high waterfalls, jump into freshwater pools and swim downstream the rapids.

Electric Fat Bike Tours

Our latest adventures are these guided tours by electric powered mountain bike (pedelec). This trendy sport from Europe and USA allows everybody to join effortlessly on any of our established mountain bike trails, where we visit waterfalls, rice terraces, caves, and rainforests. It’s a fun, clean and environmentally friendly way to explore the hidden natural treasures of Cebu.

Batat- Batat spring and rice terraces
The Batat Batat spring and rice terraces are in the mountains of Moalboal, roughly 15 kms from Panagsama Beach. They can be reached via countryside roads and trails. We’ll pass lush forests, farmlands, and little villages with friendly townsfolk. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of a natural spring and enjoy a long downhill ride on our way back to Panagsama Beach.
Cave Busay
Explore an underground river and Stalagmite cave. This tour is suitable for advanced riders; challenging trails leading to the cave require very good bike handling skills.  Enjoy a brief cave tour and a refreshing swim in springwater. Great views along the way!

Hiking, Jungle Trekking & Volcano Trekking

Try any of our three challenging hiking and trekking tours.

Osmeña Peak
Whole-day tour to the highest mountain in Cebu
Twin Lakes
Mt. Kanlaon volcano
3-day expedition to the active crater of Mt. Kanlaon volcano, which is more than 2,500 meters above sea level